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I am a creative graphic designer
and an illustrator

I am Paulina, a polish graphic designer and illustrator. After completing my studies at the Academy of Design and Fine Arts in Lodz ( Poland ) I worked with various commercial studios, cultural institutions and individual clients. My background includes working with: Gereby Design, BrandÜ, Ecomuseum Villa Ficana, Kyara Style, Wraptor, MyGrid, DirectScope, IKEA Italia, GialloCarta Festival, BackBalance.pl, Olio Flora, Tonidigrigio.
In my works I concentrate on creating a distinct visual identities for products and services. A design process is always preceded by a research done with the client in order to understand the style and mood most suitable for the client’s brand. Once we find the right visual language I apply it for the various communication channels such as: corporate design, editorials, and social media.
I believe that creating a visual identity is not only about providing the eye-catchy images but mostly about communicating the values of the brand. My role is to help to organise those values and to respond with my designs to the brand’s commercial goals. When possible, I choose creative, original and custom-made solutions to achieve that.